Enjoyment through Astral Travel Yourself

If you want to learn astral travel, preparation is important. Astral Enjoyment projection enjoyment is a skill, a skill that can be acquired through continuous mental training and practice. But before this can be achieved, you need to fully equip yourself with the skills and mindset you need.Do not take too much cash with you when traveling. Credit cards and travelers checks are safer. To avoid pickpockets, put your wallet in the front pocket. It is very difficult for pickpockets to get Enjoyment their wallets out of the front. Tourism and travel



First get rid of:

Stress can ruin the whole practice of astral travel. It prevents you Enjoyment from concentrating by letting your mind wander and must be removed first. For your first attempt, try to plan a few days in advance. If you have work, finish them all first, solve all Enjoyment your problems and find a way to relax. Practicing astral projection when stress is useless does not force it.to Enjoyment give you an idea of ​​what you want to be prepared for, here are some examples:

Imagination is Enjoyment

Imagination plays an important role in successful projection. If you take the time to look at the other tips available, you will find that in some; tip people will suggest that you Enjoyment use your imagination to envision something that could take you; to a higher level of consciousness or fall. down in preparation for projection. For those who have a rather; imaginative Enjoyment mind, this isn’t a problem, but for those who don’t, it can be difficult. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to improve your astral journey. Suggestive audio tapes, for example, can help you Enjoyment imagine places, events, or situations so that you can quickly get; into the state you want to be in.

Patience is required:

It may take a while to master or upgrade, so be patient. Depending on Enjoyment the time you spend practicing, success can range from a few months to a year after starting. The level of projection will also be different because it depends on how much you want to experiment and how far you want to go in practice. But as long as you understand and accept these terms, you can rest Enjoyment assured that you will be able to achieve out-of-body experiences like anyone in the past who has been patient Enjoyment enough to go through the process.

Deep concentration is essential:

Deep concentration is not something; you can achieve Enjoymentovernight. It takes time, practice and patience. This is the kind of focus; that helps you block out external factors that could ruin your training. With deep concentration you can; start and stop whenever you Enjoyment want. In fact, this is already considered a skill as it can only be; achieved with enough experience.Never leave your valuables in plain sight. Also, try not to wear expensive; clothes Enjoyment or jewelry while traveling. The “richer” you look, the more likely you are to be attacked


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